This morning I was making direct prayers to the Buddhas regarding the wish to accumulate more positive Karma and purify negative karma I have accrued in previous lives. Buddha says that a good way to do this is to give to and cherish others.  I was praying out loud just to make it more personal and so, in a sense, that it would be loud and clear. I also have an intent to be able to have my prayer and meditation time become a two way conversation so that I can hear, see, or feel the response from the other side. After my prayers, I suddenly had a sense that I should immediately go for a I did.  A few minutes into my walk, a friend of mine from a Buddhist class I am taking was sitting at a bus stop.  It turns out he lives right around the corner from me but has no car.  It became clear that that is why I don't see him at class very often as he explained his life to me.  I excitedly offered to be his ride and we were both happily surprised to find that we are neighbors. I am so glad that I listened to my intuition/Spirit so that I could hear an answer to my prayers.  I teach people to engage in all the processes I just shared in my Shamanic Counseling practice. I look forward to being on journey with you.