Do you feel stuck
& wonder how to move through it?

 When we work together you will connect with your Soul’s Purpose

transforming challenges into solutions with dramatic & immediate results!

The healing energy borne from being connected with awareness

propels you into creative problem solving

not only in the session, but in your life, when you need it most.


Shamanic Counseling

Shamanic Counseling is a catalyst for profound transformation. Through intuitive counseling, energetic clearing and breath work techniques, you will go deeper into that which needs healing.  Reconnect to your truth, your higher self and your soul’s journey. You will learn to speak with Truth and all knowing awareness. Rapidly release the past and move forward with meaningful experiences of the Sacred. Live life informed by your healed future rather than your wounded past.


“Sarah Hawley is an extraordinary woman! Sarah was the first to pop my third eye wide open. She made that experience so incredible and exciting. Sarah’s shamanic gifts are beautiful and magical to witness and be a part of. The transformation that takes place with Sarah is phenomenal. Sarah has the utmost compassion and caring for the needs of the heart and soul to surrender with ease for transformation and healing to occur. My experiences with Sarah have been absolutely amazing. I feel truly fortunate that I have had the pleasure to meet and work with Sarah — an exemplary shaman who touches many. I am so very grateful for all Sarah has taught me to move forward on this journey.”

-Kim L. Ventura, CA

Shamanic fire ceremony led by Sarah Hawley MA Shamanic Counselor

Spiritual Mentoring

Spiritual Mentoring supports your ability to communicate with your own guidance through client centered coaching. Although Shamanic Counseling sessions contain some mentoring, a Spiritual Mentoring session includes a survey of your current spiritual tools and teaching more tools for your spiritual evolution. Each Spiritual Mentoring session is unique as well as practical as you learn how to use new tools. 


“Sarah’s ability to source wisdom from multiple dimensions we exist within and streamline what those realities have to offer in present-time is exceptional! Her sensitivity to what is relevant and valuable has catalyzed a journey of compassionate transformation that reverberates in profound ways on many levels in my life. I am constantly amazed by Sarah’s natural capacity to embody and employ the pure energetics of a Shamanic guide. This powerful space has given me the courage to step into the dark corners of my story and come out on the other side a more trusting, empowered, and loving person.”

-Erin M. Ojai, CA

Animal Shamanic Counseling

Animal Shamanic Counseling affects behavioral change, physical healing, and spiritual well being in animals. This is an effective modality for farm animals, wild animals, zoo animals and household pets. This work can be done remotely over the phone or in person. 

“When my dog was getting ready to pass on, Sarah kindly and compassionately helped guide him. To prepare his spirit, she cleared his chakras and untethered him, energetically, to this world. During the ceremony for his actual transition, Sarah held sacred space for all in attendance and showed his spirit the way home. We were further graced by a hawk who swooped down to lend his guidance, as well. Even the vet agreed that it was the most beautiful, peaceful, and blessed passing anyone could ever hope for. I will be forever grateful for Sarah’s presence and steadiness on that day.”

— Kelly M. Ventura, CA

“We sought Sarah's help for our indoor cat's separation anxiety and PTSD. When our cat became fixated on walking out the front door after a pet sitter quit, Sarah helped Shakira relax by teaching her stronger boundaries. Her loving and joyful nature has returned and she's asking for Sarah sessions rather than medication.”

Barbara C. Seattle, WA


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