Shamanic Counseling

will help you move through the darkness.

Connect with your Self, your guides, & your soul. 

Experience a greater lightness of being in your life.


My deep connection to the shamanic way — the way of seeing into the usually invisible world of energy, the way of

connecting with nature, the heavens, and the underworld — deeply informs my 28 years of working with clients: 

The answer, the teacher, is inside every one of us. It takes the right listener, teacher, or mentor to help reveal that truth.

I can help you find your highest path guiding you toward the spiritual wisdom that is seeking you.

A Call to Shamanism 

Shamanic Initiation Rites Peru, Sarah Hawley MA

After completing my Masters in Clinical Psychology, I was encouraged by Spirit to deepen my own awareness and skills so others could truly heal.  I trained at The Four Winds Society, known as the Harvard of Shaman schools of the west.

My spiritual growth was exponential and immediate. It’s as if I had been given the keys to any door I wanted to open. My intuitive knowing and seeing abilities skyrocketed and my life just...sparkled. 

My healing abilities expanded because it wasn’t just me doing the healing. I was orchestrating transformation by calling on Higher Beings and totems. Throughout the years of the shamanic training process, I became a new person.

The yearning we all feel that there must be something more was verified and I was living in that moreness and have been ever since.

Looking deeply with a clear mind into anyone or anything BRINGS IMMEDIATE AND COMPLETE TRANSFORMATION!! 


My academic training became my spiritual journey

Private Practice in Shamanic Counseling 2006 - present

Spiritual Mentor 2006 - present

Kadampa Meditation Center, Foundation Program student, Seattle, 2015 - present

Advanced Shamanic Trainings 2007-2015

Amazon Jungle Expedition 2007

Maccu Piccu and the Sacred Valley Peru Expedition 2007

Giving Sacred Rites 2006-2015

Graduate of Four Winds Society 2006

Masters Degree Clinical Psychology, Antioch University, CA, 2003

Private Counseling Practice 1990-2006

Transformational Therapy Certification at Heartwood Institute, CA 1990

Hypnotherapy Certification, 1990

Neo Reichian massage, dreamwork, 1990

Breathwork Certification, Gay & Kathlyn Hendricks, 1990

Bachelors Degree Counseling Psychology, Prescott College, AZ, 1988

Reiki Master 1988

Mt Shasta Vision Quest 1987

Singer/Songwriter 1980-present

Sarah Hawley MA Shamanic Counselor connecting with nature is a shamanic practice.