The Teachings of Hummingbird

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One day last June, my friend suggested that my first blog post for my new website should be about hummingbird. I thought that was interesting because well, where was THAT coming from? So I asked her.  She said that she felt all the animals of the four directions (which she had been witness to me bringing in prior to doing a session) would be pertinent blog material.  I noted that she specifically said hummingbird.  


The next morning, while I was having my tea, a hummingbird flew in front of the window and hovered right in front of me. I said, “Hmmmm...”, recounting my friend’s words of the night before. Then, within 15 minutes, it happened again.  In that moment, I realized it was time to write this hummingbird blog.  It seemed I would be ignoring three messages from the universe about the importance of writing about hummingbird if I didn’t. 


The very way that hummingbird was hovered into my space synchronically speaks of one aspect of hummingbird.  Hummingbird tends to be a carrier of synchronic time.  Synchronic time is outside of linear time....yet events can line up outside of linear time to intersect within linear time, creating events you have heard of, called synchronicities.  


Synchronicities are said, within the Andean tradition of shamanism, to be a sign that you are on the right path.  Synchronicities can also mean that you are on the highest path at that moment, that what you are doing has nectar for you, thus the hummingbird. 


When we call the hummingbird, we are calling forth that synchronic life from our highest future, so that the life we experience, the flowers we feed from if you will, are only the flowers that have nectar in them.


In my work with people, I always work outside of linear time so we can be in that nectar place and at effect of all the helpers of the directions. Whether we are doing Shamanic Counseling or Shamanic Mentoring, I assist you in connecting with your highest future. We clear your garden space so those nectar flowers can grow and so that the hummingbirds of life will spontaneously come and visit you too.